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Ministry of Science, Researchand Technology
Shabestan Architectural and Urban Studies Research Center 



Founders and faculty members of SHAUC, after years of doing research in such fields as architecture, urban planning and construction, obtained the License No. 2.22.243771 from the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Islamic Republic of Iran.
The center covers international activities, and its central office, according to the said License, is located in Tehran, Iran. The nature of research conducted in SHAUC, the variety of activities, and the academic level of authorities (including experts, managers, postgraduate students, instructors, and researchers) basically cover postgraduate studies and beyond.

Description of Services
In accordance with the description of services approved in the Articles of Association certified by the Ministry of Science, SHAUC provides the following services in the fields of architecture, urban planning and construction:

- Publishing specialized scientific journals
- Publishing specialized books
- Recognizing research requirements and performing basic, applied and developmental research

- Providing technology services and technical consultation
- Holding intensive technical courses
- Holding national and international conferences and seminars
- Cooperating with research centers and national and international universities
- Developing software and computer programs

Research activities conducted in thid research center include three areas: (a) architecture, (b) urban studies and installations, and (c) new energies in architecture and urban design.
Architecture Studies, under the supervision of Babak Dariush, includes the following sub-sections:
- Architecture Studies
- Rural architecture
- Construction management and industrial building Construction

Urban Studies, under the supervision of Farzad Mirmojarabian, subsumes the following sub-sections:
- Urban and regional planning
- Economics and Urban Management
- Ecotourism

New installation and renewable energies, under the supervision of Ahmad Azadi, subsumes the following sub-sections:
- M- Smart cities and homes
- Renewable energiesodern installations in cities and construction


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